Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Di Blasio Pulls An Obama... Pays For It At Home

New York City mayor, Bill Di Blasio, pulled off his own version of a controversial Obama move that gave the world its impression that Obama didn't really care about American citizens.

Remember when James Foley was beheaded by ISIS a few years ago? Then President, Barack Obama, made a brief remark then hit the first tee at the golf course. The gruesome beheading of an American citizen wasn't enough to interfere with the President's golf game.

Fast forward to last week when an officer in the New York City police department was executed while sitting in her squad car. New York Mayor Bill Di Blasio made a couple of brief remarks before heading to the airport to fly to Germany to be the key note speaker at a rally held by the anarchist protesters.

Let that sink in. The mayor of the largest and most influential city in America flew to Germany to participate in the protest against the G20 Summit. An American elected official joining the anarchists against the government.

He did end up paying for it, albeit in a small way. Yesterday, during the funeral of the fallen officer, the majority of the police officers present turned their backs on him as he spoke at the funeral. It's not the first time it has happened.

Two years ago, at the funeral of Officer Wenjian Liu, officers turned their backs on him because of his support for the Black Lives Matter movement and comments he made prior to the funeral. The officers felt that Di Blasio had let them down. Yesterday they showed him that he had done it again.

Of course, Comrade Di Blasio probably didn't even notice. His lack of concern for the safety and well being of his police officers likely extends to their disrespect of him. I'm sure he simply doesn't care – even though his security detail is made up of some of those same officers. I wonder what would happen to him if they turned their backs on him as well....?

Bill Di Blasio is a disgrace. His participation in anarchy is a slap in the face to every law abiding citizen of the United States and I, for one, will be more than pleased to see him eventually voted out of office so he can disappear. Maybe he'll join Obama on his “I Wish I Was Still In Office” tour....

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