Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Answer To College "Safe Spaces"

College students demanding safe spaces has now become a norm in this country. These students want to have areas on campuses (besides their dorm rooms, apparently) where they can be free from any ideas or free speech with which which they disagree and free from anything or anyone that might challenge or offend them.

Some of these students demand counseling if a political candidate they oppose is scheduled to appear on campus or even if fliers for that candidate are put in public places. Yes, it's that bad.

College used to be a place where high school graduates went to learn, to shape their futures and grow into productive citizens. Today, because colleges and universities are granting students their safe spaces, these schools of "higher learning" are instead turning out a bunch of crybabies and wimps. (I used to say pansies but pansies are a hearty plant that bloom in the harsh conditions of winter. Pansies are tougher than many college students.)

In my humble opinion, college and university administrators should answer students' demands for safe spaces with the four words in the photo above and printed directions for getting there. If they believe college life is so hard because they run the risk of getting their precious feelings hurt just by words or an announced visit by a political candidate which they oppose, send them to basic training and teach them not only how to live with adversity but how to respond to that adversity as adults instead of seeking shelter from ever becoming adults.

These kids are never going to grow up and be productive citizens. After for years of coddling by school administrators, new graduates will have to go out into the world where, much to their surprise, there are no safe spaces and they'll likely be offended by something or someone on a daily basis.

What do I see for their futures? They'll end up living in the only safe spaces still available to them... Mommy's and Daddy's houses. And if their parents helped to mold these kids into cowardly, unproductive wimps – those parents deserve to have them back home. You reap what you sew.

But in the words of Dennis Miller.... “That's just my opinion. I could be wrong.”

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