Thursday, May 15, 2014

Obama Administration Defies Immigration Laws And Endangers Public

Documents recently obtained from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement branch of the Department of Homeland Security revealed that the Obama administration last year released 36,017 convicted illegal aliens into communities unknown. 

What's the problem, you might ask. Being convicted of crossing the border illegally isn't that big of a deal. It's not a violent crime. But see - that's the problem. These people weren't simply convicted of crossing the border illegally - a crime that demands jail time by law. No, these people were convicted of numerous crimes including 193 homicide convictions. (That's murder for you people in Rio Linda, as Rush would say.)

426 of them were convicted of sexual assault of various types. 1,075 were convicted of aggravated assault. Over 9000 had dangerous drug convictions and more than 16,000 were convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol - most likely without a valid driver's license.

It seems President Obama not only isn't interested in enforcing immigration laws in this country, as is his sworn duty according to his oath, but he is now violating the laws himself and ignoring the Constitution and his sworn duties.

"Cops should be going after major criminals, not the many illegal immigrants that are quietly living in their districts," said President Obama the other day, a man who has twice sworn to uphold the laws of our great country.

“You’ve got to spend time dealing with somebody who is not causing any other trouble other than the fact that they were trying to make a living for their families. That’s just not a good use of our resources. It’s not smart. It doesn’t make sense.”

I suppose not going after non-violent illegals makes sense to someone who releases illegals convicted of violent crimes. What's the point of going after the non-dangerous little guys when you're not going to enforce the convictions of the illegals for murder and rape?

What's not smart, in my humble opinion, is allowing President Obama to stay in office unchallenged when he picks and chooses how he's going to comply with his oath of office. President Obama continues to get a pass for everything he does, regardless of how negative it may be. 

I heard an interview of a black Congressman the other evening (I cannot remember who it was) and he was asked about black unemployment being so high under Obama. He stated simply that "unemployment is down under President Obama," completely ignoring the truth of what he was asked.

The House of Representatives refused to recognize anything the President has done as an impeachable offense. There is only one valid reason - they are afraid to be labeled racists if they attempt to impeach the first African-American President, regardless of what he does. And that's the sad truth about our nation today. 

Any Caucasian American who criticizes President Obama for any reason is automatically labeled as a racist by the left and the suck-up, main stream media. Any African-American who criticizes President Obama is labeled as an Uncle Tom and a traitor to his race. And it doesn't matter what your oppositions to Obama consist of - that's irrelevant in today's world of progressive liberalism. If you oppose him it's because he's black and you're not (or you're not black enough.)

Liberal progressivism has turned the left into a bunch of intolerant, hateful hypocrites. Certainly not all liberals/Democrats fall into this category but more and more take that plunge every day. These far left zealots, the ones who label anyone who disagrees with them, don't even realize they're doing exactly that of which they're accusing others. Or they pretend it's not the same.

People on the right don't label those who disagree with them as being hateful, bigots, racists, etc. They simply contribute it to the person being a liberal progressive. (OK - sometimes there are a few who are just plain nuts and that needs to be pointed out.) Liberal progressives can't simply agree to disagree. You either agree with them or you fall into one or more of the above categories. Period.

Of course, if Hillary runs for President in 2016, on the day she announces her candidacy, all the people who oppose her liberal agenda will magically transform from racists and Uncle Toms to sexists. That's how the left rolls....

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