Monday, August 20, 2012

When Will Liberals Take Their Heads From The Sand?

Why is it, I wonder, that liberals (and Democrats in general) demand political correctness and fair, equal treatment of all yet demand that we all tolerate and even support Islam? 

Liberals demand that women are treated fairly and that gays, lesbians and transgenders are all treated fairly (as in - don't voice your disagreement with what they believe or you are a hate filled bigot), yet they want us all to embrace Islam, which treats women like second class subservients and kills homosexuals.  Women of Islam (mostly in the Middle East but also here in the States in what are called "honor killings") are killed on a regular basis for daring to disagree with Sharia law and Islamic customs.  Yet some in this country demand that we be tolerant of Islam because, as they themselves profess, they are a religion of peace.

How can someone demand equal treatment for women in this country yet ignore the brutal, barbaric treatment of women in Islamic countries and still demand that we respect Islam?  How can the President of the United states make up things about the "Republican war on women" and yet embrace and even praise Islam, the religion that mutilates the clitorises of women and sentences them to death if they are raped by a man or even get caught talking to a man?  How does one sleep at night knowing the atrocities committed against women in many Middle Eastern countries yet still demanding that we embrace Islam as a religion of peace?

It makes no sense to me.  Maybe it makes sense to those who make the demands and if so, I'd certainly like to have them explain it to me in a way I can grasp.  Embracing Islam and pretending those atrocities don't exist is not merely sad, it's pathetic.  To demand respect and tolerance of a religion that treats women like disposable sex objects and second class citizens is simply not understandable to me.  And there is a huge movement in this country right now about gay rights and gay marriage, something Islam denounces and will even murder over, yet those on the left seem to ignore it and want us all to embrace Islam.  How is that logical?

Islam is the enemy of our country regardless of all the politically correct weenies who want to pretend Islam is a good thing.  Many of their fundamental beliefs go against what America (the proud and strong America that I know, anyway) believes in.  In my opinion, those who would reduce America to a politically correct nation at any cost should look elsewhere to live.  We need values and strong beliefs for our nation to continue to be a world leader.  And those who think we no longer need to be a world leader can join their friends who are leaving.  We won't miss you.  America is the most generous and good hearted country in the world, regardless of what the President and/or his followers believe.  If you don't agree, again, don't let the border gate hit you in the butt on your way out.

I realize people can justify whatever they choose to believe if they try hard enough - even if that justification is in their own minds.  It's time Americans realized that Islam is a threat to our existence and our way of life and stand against their onslaught against the Western world, Jews and Christianity.  Ignoring it, pretending it's not a threat and/or being "politically correct" in the face of that onslaught will be the death of Western civilization as we know it.  If you embrace it, be ready for the subjugation of your children - particularly the females.

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